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Threat lab Top articles Log4j Log4Shell Zero-day Vulnerability is Patched by BitNinja

On the 10th of December, reported an exploit for a critical zero-day vulnerability called "Log4Shell". It has been exposed for the Apache Log4j Java-based logging platform used to access web server and application logs. About the vulnerability To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker could modify the user agent of a web browser to access the website […]

Other Top articles Serious Vulnerability Patched by the WAF and UX Update

We have successfully patched a serious vulnerability that affected over a million websites and improved our UX by updating the table on the Console. Thanks to Rack911 Lab’s bug report, we fixed several issues. Let’s see in detail what happened over the last couple of weeks. Patched OptinMontster Vulnerability BitNinja’s WAF has patched a serious […]

Other Top articles The Most Common Types of Cyberattacks #1 - Phishing

Phishing has been the most popular tool that attackers have used to steal sensitive information since the beginning of the 2000s and it works, even now in 2021. Everyone, from the CEO of a company to the average user, is regularly targeted.  A successful phishing attack can retrieve your confidential information that may be used […]

Other Top articles How to Break Free From the Reactive Hamster Wheel

A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity Planning for Web Hosters In modern times websites are a key pillar for doing business. What looks appealing and engaging on the front end takes considerable effort to maintain on the backend. Treated as a commodity, these digital spaces are challenged every second of the day. The frontline of maintaining […]

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