Case study - Swiss Web Hosting Company Protected by BitNinja

Ganesh Hosting is one of our oldest customers, who are with us from the very beginning. A few years ago, we asked them about their experience and created this case study. It was available only for our reseller partners but now we would like to share it with the publicity.

The company

Ganesh Hosting is a Swiss web hosting company, based in the charming city of Vevey. They provide various hosting solutions (VPS, dedicated, cloud) with more than 20 years of experience behind their team.
Having established partners like Morand Distillery and GroupeMutuel, quality is never contested. And the fact that they work with 100% green energy data centers is just the cherry on top.


Before they tried using BitNinja, they faced with all the common automated attack types all the industry is facing nowadays.

„Brute-force password guesses, code injections like PHP script uploads, spam attacks, and vulnerability exploits made our and our clients’ life harder.” - Ganesh Hosting

No wonder, an average server gets ~ 1000 different attacks day by day and the majority of them work in auto-pilot mode.


„We got many attacks and tried many methods to block them, but nothing was enough. The BitNinja approach is the best we could find. The approach is cloud-based, it is a very elegant solution to a global problem. Moreover, every protected server is used as a trap by BitNinja, which is an excellent idea.”  - Ganesh Hosting

As IT-security gets more of an emerging problem day by day, companies have two ways to fight the hackers. Either they develop an in-house solution or they choose an existing security solution on the market, it costs lots of energy and time/money. That’s why BitNinja is designed to cover all the major security issues with an easy-to-use, automated defense system for the hosting companies' special needs.


„Before we started using BitNinja, we had major problems, like: overall load went up during the attacks, we faced password hacks and PHP code injections. But with BitNinja, we experienced major positive changes: fewer hacks and reduced overall load on the servers.”  - Ganesh Hosting

Download this case study in PDF.

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