BitNinja Named a Global Leader in Cloud Computing

The Business Intelligence Group announced that they had awarded BitNinja Technologies the 2020 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing in the security category. 

“BitNinja is at the forefront of the cloud helping to drive practical innovations in the cloud,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of Business Intelligence Group. “The cloud is now part of the fabric of our personal and professional lives, and we are thrilled that our volunteer judges were able to help promote all of these innovative services, organizations, and executives.”

In 2020 BIG recognized 38 companies, services, and executives that offer unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies, to name a few of this year’s winners: Rancher Labs, NetApp, Red Hat, Stack Overflow, and BitNinja. What a list!

“When I read the list of the winners, and I saw BitNinja among those prestigious names, I was very proud of my team. It is a great milestone for us and a precious certification from cybersecurity experts that we belong to the top companies in the cybersecurity market.” Said George Egri, the founder, and CEO of BitNinja. “2020 was extremely challenging, but we can close it with satisfaction. In September, we successfully raised the Series A fund, and this award puts the icing on the cake.”

George Egri, Founder and CEO of BitNinja

About Us

Our mission is: making the internet a safer place. In November 2019, we raised the seed investment, which was a milestone in the company’s history. We started 2020 with less than 20 employees, and we will finish the year with more than 45 ninjas. In September 2020, we successfully closed the Series A round, and by now, ServerProtection has defended more than 20,000 servers worldwide. And the growth doesn’t stop! Nothing proves this better than we will introduce two new products in the upcoming weeks, so… Stay tuned!

The whole BitNinja team would like to thank you for all of your trust and support!

How did the ninjas react to the win in Cloud Computing?

Marketing Ninja: Wooohoooo! Nice! Tell it to everyone! Let's spread the word!

Sales Ninja: Great! So will we get an extra day off?

HR Ninja: Whooo! Another good reason for partying!

Finance Ninja: Fantastic! What is the prize money? Make it rain!

Programmer Ninja: 01001110 01101001 01100011 01100101 00100000 01101010 01101111 01100010 00100001

Niki: Good! I hate losing.

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