Bitninja and Virtuozzo Have Forged a Mighty Partnership

You might already have the feeling that something is in the making, as we have recently published a release note telling the news about our VzLinux certification. But now it is out: BitNinja Server Security is integrated with the Virtuozzo Application Platform - the elastic, high-performance Platform as a Service solution! And we are heading for a beautiful partnership with Virtuozzo.

Virtuozzo is a company leading the way into the containerized future. Their system is optimized for cloud server virtualization and provides an alternative to hardware-based or hypervisor-based network virtualization.

We believe that the complex challenge of internet security can only be tackled with a deep understanding of stakeholders and by building strategic partnerships that enhance crucial synergies. We look forward to shaping our security products and services together with Virtuozzo!

Next-Level Application Security - Free Webinar on 4 May

Virtuozzo is also running a free webinar on 4 May where you can learn application security pain points and how our Server Security product takes application security to the next level. 

  • You’ll hear from our CEO, George Egri who will share some insights about the most pressing security issues and show how BitNinja can be useful in tackling them.
  • Matthieu Robin, CEO of Hidora, will share his real-world experience of protecting users’ applications in their Swiss datacenter.
  • And we will also look at how BitNinja works inside the Virtuozzo Application platform.

The event is free and takes place on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 11 am ET / 5 pm CET.

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