Release notes Using server security scanners besides BitNinja: consequences, solutions

There are tons of paid/free cloud-based solutions or standalone applications available over the internet that allow the user to check a system’s security level. Depending on the need, people can choose from simple nmap through “blackbox” security assessment tools to a wide range of heavy-weight penetration testing tools. Our approach Here at BitNinja we think […]

Trending Describe your infrastructure as code

As we promised before, our article series inspired by V-day is continuing. Those who are provisioning servers day by day, certainly have some doubts about their process: being time-consuming, non-repeatable, hard to test or simply just something is going wrong in the existing infrastructure during the provisioning. There are opportunities to test failover or rollback processes, […]

Trending Do you feel you deploy often enough?

In the last decade, elaborating a good Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment strategy became one of the basic requirements in most of the IT companies. The average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 company has dramatically fallen down (from 75 years to 15 years) compared to the statistics a century before. ”Unicorns” are growing rapidly, […]

Security analysis Spammer Tactics – How they try to mislead you?

Spammers are enemies of all sysadmins, because they are altering their tactics day by day. Keeping softwares up-to-date on your servers is not always as easy and solvable as we might think. Even though you have the latest application which is protected against the known security risks, you can have a lot of user-related contents which […]

Security analysis Port scanning – Friend or Foe?

If you have a server connected to the Internet, you can bet that it is constantly under scanning. Web-crawlers are gathering information from websites day-by-day. No matter if you have real websites or just an admin panel deployed on the web, sooner or later, they will find the public content. You may would not even […]

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