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Trending Unix vs. Linux systems

Before the expansion of Windows Operational Systems and the creation of the Linux, the world was ruled by UNIX systems. The UNIX was used predominantly in the 1980’s. Despite of its positive traits it was mainly used by research centers, institutes and school’s operational system. It can be thanked partly to its price, and also […]

Trending Have you ever forgot the root password of your server?

We are all human beings and do not work like flawless creatures of artificial intelligence, we are prone to make mistakes and forget things. Although, sometimes we forget crucial information which might be essential to our daily life, like the root password of our server. For a sysadmin it can be a real disaster if […]

Security analysis WordPress, Curse or Blessing?

WordPress is the most commonly used blog engine, which is free to use and has an open source code. It is used mainly for the operation of websites, blogs and webshops. If your purpose is to have a great website in a blink of an eye, which you are able to develop later in parallel […]

Trending Hydra: One of the most well-known bruteforce tools

The Kali Linux is an open source code operational system which is based in Debian. In the system we can find several „penetration” applications, such as: Aircrack-ng Hydra Nmap Wireshark Metasplot framework Maltego Owasp-Zap SQLMap John Burpsuite Johnny Pyrit SIPcrack PWdump Rainbowcrack Maskgen Hexinject SSLSniff Dsniff In this article, I am going to tell you […]

Trending Censys vs. BitNinja

What is Censys? It is a search engine which allows people to search for the details on the devices and networks that compose the Internet. It uses the database of Zmap and ZGrab network scanners. Day by day, it analyses more than 4 billion IP addresses, which can be examined with the help of […]

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