Other Top articles How to Break Free From the Reactive Hamster Wheel

A Fresh Approach to Cybersecurity Planning for Web Hosters In modern times websites are a key pillar for doing business. What looks appealing and engaging on the front end takes considerable effort to maintain on the backend. Treated as a commodity, these digital spaces are challenged every second of the day. The frontline of maintaining […]

Other How botnets expand and how to protect against them

Botnets are a major threat for web hosting providers and basically for every server. They are the fundamentals of cybercrime in the dark industry of hackers. A botnet is a group of infected computers (aka bots or zombie machines) controlled by a hacker, the botmaster. Zombie machines can be personal computers, mobile devices, or even […]

Events BitNinja Raised 500k EUR from Industry Veterans to Make the Internet Safer

BitNinja was founded in 2014 and became very profitable by the following year. We could quickly grow by using our own resources, however, we are truly committed to our mission. We want to make the internet a safer place, so we decided to speed up our growth with investors. We are pleased to announce that […]

Trending 8 KPIs Instantly Improved by BitNinja

I was about to outline the most important conclusions - in terms of results and values that we can give, after ending the 100th user interview this month at BitNinja. Although many of our partners have been happy to see how BitNinja transformed their server security, yet they are still surprised when they experience the […]

Security analysis BitNinja Daily Routine - How to eliminate hackers on your servers completely?

We have collected the best practices of the most successful BitNinja customers. Would you like to completely eliminate hackers on your servers? Follow this guideline to achieve the most with BitNinja and stop all hackers. The initial steps to eliminate hackers When you first install BitNinja on your server, the best you can do is […]

Trending Shared hosting provider with 7,000 customers had 0 infections over the past 7 days

Our Hungarian web hosting partner, web-server.hu had ZERO website infections – since enabling BitNinja’s new WAF 2.0 module. We caught up with the lead sysadmin to talk to him about his experience with BitNinja. What has been your experience with BitNinja overall? “Before we began using  BitNinja, we had to fight daily battles with hackers. […]

Trending Castle Vs Airport Model in security

Apart from changing the way we live, this virtual connectivity has exposed us to an array of attacks. Cyber risks are a growing concern in virtually every aspect of our lives. The integration of technology into our everyday tasks has paved way for more efficient work performance yet left us vulnerable to many cyber-attacks. To […]

Trending IPv6 – Plaything of the vicious

Did you know that using IPv6 on your server can completely bypass all your security? On Linux, there are separate kernel stacks, and separate mechanisms to filter traffic for the original IPv4 traffic and for IPv6. The kernel module responsible for this filtration is called ipfilter, and there is an other module called ipfilter6 for […]

Security analysis The Ninjas Mount Some Docks

Building and deploying Docker – the hottest topic of every devops forum and IT blogs. We kinda had the impression before, that we won’t miss our chances with it either. Why Docker? If you are in the web hosting business, containers and Docker technology cannot be such big news for you. Docker triumphed over virtualization. […]

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