CMS Security: Latest WAF Updates and Upcoming WAF 3.0 Insights

CMS security - WAF rules - WAF 3.0

While WordPress continues to reign as the most popular content management system, making it a frequent target for cyber threats, it's crucial to remember that other CMS platforms are equally susceptible to vulnerabilities. At BitNinja, our focus isn’t limited to WordPress alone. While we primarily address new WAF rules against its vulnerabilities - and yes, we will continue to do so, having introduced 13 new ones just last month - it’s essential to broaden our scope. We’re continuously fortifying our defenses, not just for WordPress but for a range of CMS platforms. In this post, we'll dive into our latest WAF rule updates and give you a sneak peek into the exciting developments slated for BitNinja WAF 3.0 in 2024.

New WAF Rules for Various CMSs

1. Magento (+7 Rules): As a leading eCommerce platform, Magento stands out for its robust features and scalability. We have designed seven new WAF rules to strengthen its defenses, targeting specific vulnerabilities that could compromise Magento stores.

2. Laravel (+1 Rule): Laravel's eloquence and simplicity as a PHP framework have made it a favorite among developers. Our additional rule ensures that Laravel applications are safeguarded against sophisticated cyber threats.

3. Joomla (+20 Rules): Joomla's flexibility as an open-source CMS makes it a popular choice but also attracts malicious activities. The 20 new rules we've introduced significantly enhance Joomla's security posture.

4. Additional WAF Rule: Recognizing the challenges posed by unwanted web scraping, we've implemented an extra rule to block ByteSpider crawlers, further protecting your web presence from data mining activities.

Insights on CMS Security

Each CMS, whether it's Magento's eCommerce efficiency, Laravel's developer-friendly framework, or Joomla's versatile content management capabilities, comes with unique security challenges. Our mission at BitNinja is to stay ahead of these challenges, continuously updating and refining our WAF rules to provide comprehensive protection against a constantly changing threat landscape.

Sneak Peek: BitNinja WAF 3.0

As we look towards the future, the exciting developments of BitNinja WAF 3.0 are on the horizon. Transitioning from our current setup, which utilizes NGINX as a reverse proxy supported by HaProxy and integrates ModSecurity, we're taking a significant leap forward. The heart of this transformation lies in our move to Caddy, a more streamlined and efficient solution that will independently handle the tasks that previously required a more complex arrangement with Nginx and HaProxy. Another pivotal advancement in WAF 3.0 is introducing a Golang-based version of ModSecurity. By simplifying our tech stack, we anticipate WAF 3.0 to be more effective, faster, and lightweight, aligning with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. 


At BitNinja, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity technology to provide the best protection for our clients. We're excited about the future of WAF 3.0 and look forward to sharing more updates with you. Stay tuned for more insights!

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