BitNinja prevents security incidents without affecting business operations

The main goal of BitNinja is to make our customers’ lives easier regarding cyber security and prevent security incidents. We protect their servers, so they do not need to make any effort, just enjoy the feeling of safety.

To ensure that we accomplish this objective, we asked one of our clients if they are satisfied and relaxed because of the benefits of BitNinja. This time we had the opportunity to interview Nico, the DevOps Manager at 1-grid

1-grid is a web hosting company based in Cape Town that provides solutions to the South African SME market. Their diverse product is tailored to assist businesses at all phases of creating and developing a digital presence. This includes company registration, professional e-mail service, Windows and Linux hosting, and website building. Currently, they host services to over 35000 customers on more than 2000 servers - VPSs and dedicated servers as well.

These thousands of servers and their users need to be protected from several cyberattacks, but with as little effort as possible. BitNinja was the answer for this purpose.

“ With the rising number of online threats, fraudulent and abusive activities companies face on a daily basis, we as 1-grid must help our customers navigate these dangers and avoid costly business interruptions by providing comprehensive security protection at server level.”

BitNinja was not the first choice of 1-grid in regard to server protection. But soon they recognized that they needed a better solution - a multi-layered approach to prevent security incidents, have up-to-date threat intelligence, and the ability to implement server-wide protection for the growing attack vectors. They wanted to partner up with a reputable security provider that understands the risks online businesses face and be able to provide actionable full-stack protection to prevent incidents.

So they found BitNinja two years ago. 

“We have been using BitNinja for the last two years and have found it very capable of preventing security incidents without adversely affecting business operations.”

We were interested in how they implemented BitNinja, how they use it, and how they generally profit from our service. Nico told us that they could put BitNinja in action in a matter of hours, and right after that, the incidents of malware-infected websites, hacked sites, or spam scripts have reduced from a daily occurrence to one or two incidents a month.

“BitNinja’s malware protection, the WAF module, and the Honeypots are very effective in detecting and preventing online attacks.”

We were curious what other values and benefits 1-grid gained while using BitNinja, apart from removing hacked and malware-infected websites. They were delighted with the ease of management and excellent support too. But the main benefit was something else:

“BitNinja has given our customers ease of mind knowing they are protected from reputational and business impacting online threats and has greatly reduced the time the internal team spent on cleaning infected websites.”

So why would they recommend BitNinja?

“It offers low maintenance, effective protection, combined with a very responsive support team that is easily accessible.”

We are thrilled that we can make server security for 1-grid effortless moreover somewhat enjoyable and provide them and their customers a peace of mind.

If you would like to enjoy these benefits too, you can try BitNinja for free! In case the secured and trustworthy services of 1-grid got your attention, check them out too!

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