Zero-day Attack in cPanel and WHM

Researchers have found a vulnerability in cPanel and WHM. With a zero-day attack that is a brute force, hackers can easily bypass the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

The SEC-575 vulnerability allowed attackers to try limitless 2FA codes until finding the right one and gain access to the account. Usually, brute force attacks take more hours or even days to execute, but this time it only took a couple of minutes.

Log Analysis

BitNinja's Log Analysis protects your servers against brute force attacks

The two-factor authentication cPanel Security Policy did not prevent an attacker from repeatedly submitting two-factor authentication codes. This allowed an attacker to bypass the two-factor authentication check using brute force techniques.” explained the cPanel security team.

After the hackers successfully got access, they were able to control the sites and underlying server settings.

This exploit also requires valid credentials, but hackers can easily overcome that hurdle with a tricky phishing mail.

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