The BitNinja DefenseRobot Got More Powerful!

We have recently applied some improvements to the DefenseRobot security module so it can automatically detect new attack vectors even more efficiently. 

What is this Module?

The DefenseRobot is a comprehensive, real-time malware root cause analysis module. It automatically identifies attack source IPs at each malware upload attempt. The Defense Robot greylists the attack source, so the hacker won’t have the opportunity to upload malware again.

But what if the hacker used another piece of malware, a backdoor, a CMS, or a plugin vulnerability? The Defense Robot traces back the origin of the malware until it finds the attack’s source IP that allowed the hacker to upload the very first malware.

In short, it finds and patches the vulnerability automatically.

If you would like to learn more about it, visit our documentation site for more information.

How We Increased the Efficiency of the DefenseRobot

Until now, the module could only search for new attack vectors within the same document root of the malware we have found. Thanks to the updated version, the DefenseRobot can properly handle cross-site infections too.

What does it exactly mean? When a user has more websites, the attacker can infect one site using the vulnerability of another website under the same account. 

From now on, the module can defend against these kinds of attacks too, which leads to better website protection.

The Results

We updated the module in the middle of June and thanks to it the DefenseRobot immediately found a lot of new vulnerabilities and backdoors. On average, the module has five times more catches than before.

DefenseRobot Catches

Other updates

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