We Change Our Terminology to Promote Inclusivity

We want to make sure that our language is inclusive and doesn't promote any kind of discrimination. It is because we understand that some words and phrases can contribute to a culture of exclusivity and racial stereotypes. That's why we have decided to update our terminology to encourage inclusivity and fight against racial discrimination.

The problem with traditional IP reputation terminology

Traditionally, IP reputation terminology differentiates between "blacklists" and "whitelists". This means that an IP is either trusted (whitelisted) or completely blocked (blacklisted). However, this concept is inflexible and can lead to false positives. This can cause frustration and anger for users who can't access the system they need.
To address this, as you probably know, we have introduced the concept of "greylisting" to represent IPs that may be malicious but require further inspection.

However, we also acknowledge that these terms can be problematic. As a result, we will replace them with "allow list" and "blocklist," respectively. In addition, we will use the term "challenge list" instead of "greylist".
We believe that these changes not only support acceptance but also provide clearer and less ambiguous language.

Small changes can make a big difference

Although some of you may view this as a minor issue, language matters. We are convinced that these proactive steps can be quite important. This change can make a significant difference for those affected by racial stereotyping.

We're not alone in making this change. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has also replaced "whitelist" and "blacklist" with "allow list" and "deny list" on its website in response to a customer's request.

Encouraging others to join us

As we continue to progress as a society, it's crucial to address language-related issues. We truly believe that our decision to update the mentioned terminology is a positive move towards fostering an inclusive environment and combating racism in the workplace.
We hope that other companies will follow suit and create a more welcoming and accepting atmosphere for all.

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