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Cybersecurity Reports 2022 Performance Report and Announcements for 2023

2023 has just begun, but most of us are still in the holiday mood.To kick off this new year, it is time to sum up some information about how we performed in 2022. And by ‘we,’ I do not just mean BitNinja but everyone who is part of our Defense Network and helped to achieve […]

Other BitNinja prevents security incidents without affecting business operations

The main goal of BitNinja is to make our customers’ lives easier regarding cyber security and prevent security incidents. We protect their servers, so they do not need to make any effort, just enjoy the feeling of safety. To ensure that we accomplish this objective, we asked one of our clients if they are satisfied […]

Trending Case Study - The Best Security Solution for Valicom Net Cloud Services

Valicom Net is a Cloud Hosting Company in Cyprus with more than 15 years of experience specializing in Business Web Hosting, Cloud Services, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Hosted Exchange, Web Development with Content Management System, Network Security, Antispam Services, Online Storage Email & Remote Backup. Challenges „As we offer managed and unmanaged services, the […]

Trending How to optimize your websites for SEO success with security

Building a winning website is hard, and comprises of many components. Plus, every client wants great page speed, uptime, UX, design, and marketing to make the business profitable. However, many VPS owners forget to focus on security - from SEO aspect. Until they get hacked and the rankings drop... How website security directly affects SEO […]

Security analysis The Most Famous Vulnerabilities: Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Before I begin to explain CSRFs we need to understand some facts. First of all, we have to see how websites usually work when they have a login. Most pages use username/email and password for authentication. In today's world, it's not uncommon for newer sites to support two-step authentication. Normally we use a login once […]

Release notes New SenseLog rules against WordPress and Joomla vulnerabilities

A few days ago, we released a new agent version (1.23.3), which contains very important developments: We added two new SenseLog rules. The first one detects arbitrary file uploader bots, and the second one is for Joomla Spam regers. SenseLog is prepared for future remote config update. Instant blacklist action added to WAF Manager. It […]

Security analysis Fun way to read a book

What do you think about SPAMs? Most of us think they are useless and heavily annoying, but not for everybody. There are some geeks, who totally understand the background and find it rubbish, but sometimes they read them to “entertain themselves” and learn more about the recent patterns hacker tactics. Have you ever found a hidden […]

Security analysis Old botnets aren’t harmless - the presence of Cutwail botnet nowadays

Server operator faces many different types of attacks every day. Brute force, spam, CMS hacks and SQL injections are the most common - and the majority of them are automated botnet attacks. I think none of us can estimate how many servers and PCs are being unprotected against even the most simple botnets. But it’s not […]

Security analysis The most common CMS attack types

Nowadays, the Internet plays a huge part in our lives. It gets bigger and bigger every day, now it has more than one billion websites. Most of these sites are built with CMS which stands for Content Management System. It is a tool that provides an easy-to-use method for users without any programming skills in […]

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