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Security analysis 2019 Highlights – A Great Year at BitNinja

As 2019 will be over soon, it’s time to stop for a while and look back on what happened this year. 2019 was a unique year at BitNinja (you’ll see on the results). We got closer to our mission – making the internet a safer place. However, we couldn’t have reached the successes mentioned below […]

Trending Case Study - The Best Security Solution for Valicom Net Cloud Services

Valicom Net is a Cloud Hosting Company in Cyprus with more than 15 years of experience specializing in Business Web Hosting, Cloud Services, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Hosted Exchange, Web Development with Content Management System, Network Security, Antispam Services, Online Storage Email & Remote Backup. Challenges „As we offer managed and unmanaged services, the […]

Trending Case Study - DDoS Problems Solved at ISO Certified IT Company

Aitire is a small MSP (Managed Service Provider) company located in Spain. They have more than 10 years of experience in computer consulting, Free Software, Open Source, GNU / Linux, etc… They aspire every day to maximize their technology and provide the best tools to their clients. Challenges „We usually work with rpm based Linux […]

Threat lab Joomla & vBulletin RCE vulnerabilities patched by BitNinja WAF 2.0

RCE attacks are one of the most dangerous types of attacks as hackers could take complete control of the victim’s host, meaning that they can run commands, install malware, etc. In this article, I’d like to introduce 2 new vulnerabilities, which have been patched by BitNinja WAF: vBulletin RCE Rusty Joomla RCE New botnet utilizes […]

Trending 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Cyber Security Policy for Employees

Technology is always evolving, and there are continuous new developments that change the spectrum of what is possible and what companies can do with technology. Because of this, cyberattacks, and therefore cybersecurity, are constantly adapting and reviewing their methods to stay on top of things. This is difficult for cybersecurity teams because technology moves so […]

Trending How to optimize your websites for SEO success with security

Building a winning website is hard, and comprises of many components. Plus, every client wants great page speed, uptime, UX, design, and marketing to make the business profitable. However, many VPS owners forget to focus on security - from SEO aspect. Until they get hacked and the rankings drop... How website security directly affects SEO […]

Security analysis Recently discovered Hexa botnet is targeting WordPress hosts

There is a huge demand for buying botnets on the Dark Web, so it’s not a surprise that new kinds of botnets appear from time to time in order to meet the needs of the cybergangs. Of course, there are some old but constantly attacking botnets, like the most popular Mirai botnet or the Hello […]

Trending 8 KPIs Instantly Improved by BitNinja

I was about to outline the most important conclusions - in terms of results and values that we can give, after ending the 100th user interview this month at BitNinja. Although many of our partners have been happy to see how BitNinja transformed their server security, yet they are still surprised when they experience the […]

Trending WordPress Hosting Protected by BitNinja - Case Study with Mijn Websitehosting

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS today. However, this popularity has an unfortunate side effect of also making WordPress sites extremely exposed to potential attacks. It means quite a huge challenge to web hosting providers to keep the hackers out of their business. Fortunately, this task is not impossible. Our great partner, Mijn […]

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