Other The Most Common Types of Cyberattacks #3 – Brute Force Attacks

Brute Force is an old and popular technique for attackers to gain unauthorized access to an account or resource.  Its popularity is not going down any time soon.  Of course not! 2020 security reports reveal that 80% of data breaches involved brute-forcing or the use of stolen credentials. And brute force attacks are not something […]

Security analysis 2019 Highlights – A Great Year at BitNinja

As 2019 will be over soon, it’s time to stop for a while and look back on what happened this year. 2019 was a unique year at BitNinja (you’ll see on the results). We got closer to our mission – making the internet a safer place. However, we couldn’t have reached the successes mentioned below […]

Trending Cyber attack trends – The top 7 attack types

Here, at BitNinja we always keep a close look on the defended incidents in order to discover attack trends and new attack types. Currently, BitNinja protects over 5000 servers worldwide and we are effectively defending more than 50 millions incidents every week. Undoubtedly, we still see many “oldtimer” attack types between these incidents such as […]

Release notes News from Threat Lab: 4+1 New SenseLog rules have been created

The new year inspired us and brought new vibes to our office. Our tech ninjas are developing several new badass features. Besides the new features, we are also improving our existing modules as well. Last week, the SenseLog module became enriched with 4 new rules and another rule has been updated. Here is a list […]

Trending Case Study - How BitNinja Supports Dreamscape Networks’ Mission

A few years ago, our web hosting company experienced heavy difficulties with the different kinds of cyberattacks. The things became so bad that we started to lose customers because they obviously perceived the consequences of the vulnerable servers. We couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to take over the control of the cyberwar. That’s how […]

Security analysis How to secure WP-login

WordPress is the most known CMS in the world currently (WordPress runs 32% of the entire internet), we hear that it is the easiest CMS to handle, to install and to use. Taking all these information into account, we would think that it is safe as a house. Wrong! It might be easy to use, […]

Security analysis WordPress User Enumeration Attack in Focus

If you’re a WordPress user, then this following article is a must for you. However, if you are interested in website vulnerabilities and how they can be attacked, and you wish to upgrade your knowledge about them, you’ve also come to the perfect place as well. In this article, we’ll be talking about the user […]

Trending How to protect your web hosting business during the holiday season attack wave

For devops in the web hosting business, holiday season is not exactly the most wonderful time of the year. If you’ve ever sneaked out from Christmas dinner to check on your servers’ status, or been woken up by attack alerts when only Santa Claus is supposed to be awake, you know what I mean. The […]

Security analysis WAF rules explained - The BitNinja Ruleset

In a previous article, we’ve discussed the BitNinja safe minimum ruleset for the BitNinja WAF, that consists of 15 rules from the OWASP Core Ruleset, along with 6 rules from the BitNinja rules category. These rules can be safely enabled on the root location pattern on your server. In the BitNinja Ruleset, there are 5 […]

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