Release note on BitNinja 1.4

As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think about BitNinja. Everything is welcome from bugs to development suggestions.
That’s how version 1.4 was born, too. We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of the Ninjas who contributed to this version by contacting us tirelessly.
Check out what’s new for this version of BitNinja below.

  • There’s no further issues about newly installed servers with our greylist. It happened occasionally that if someone installed BitNinja on his server with a formerly greylisted IP address, BitNinja banned it out. From 1.4, if the outgoing IP of a server is greylisted, it willauto-whitelist itself on the API server, just after installation.


  • Some minor bug fixes around default captcha template.
  • Ceased complaining about whitelisted DoS attempts.
    False positive listings can be bothering, but most of the time BitNinja indicates rightly. Even so, we eased on its sensitivity, so whitelisted IPs won’t indicate DoS-suspicious logs on the dashboard. We’ll use other private methods to investgate these cases.

Auto-release will be rolled out on Friday.

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