Optimizing Security Operations in BitNinja Version 3.10.17

BitNinja 3.10.17 introduces upgrades to enhance operational efficiency and reliability, including newly implemented Agent synchronization logic, refined IP filter rules.

Latest Enhancements:

MalwareDetection Module Enhanced

We have addressed a bug that led to time zone mismatches, so this change will enhance the accuracy of malware detection activities across different geographical locations.

IpFilter module adjustment

We fixed a problem where an IP address could erroneously be listed both on the global allow list and global challenge list at the same time. This resolution simplifies IP management and eliminates potential security conflicts.

Improved Agent synchronization logic

Finally, a new synchronization logic has been implemented, which aligns the instanceID from the API with that on the server at startup. This allows us to identify installation issues more quickly and effectively.



  • Fixed a bug where time zone mismatches could occur.


  • Fixed a problem where an IP address could be on both a global allow list and a global challenge list at the same time.

Dev only

  • A logic has been introduced into the Agent that continuously synchronizes the instanceID from the API with the instanceID on the server at startup.

Please update your agent version or if you have specific settings or applications preventing automatic updates. You can follow our documentation on how to proceed to have the latest version installed.

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