New chapter in BitNinja’s life – Version 2.0.0 is here

Did you find something new on your Dashboard?

Almost 5 years ago, we announced BitNinja 1.0.0

and sooo many things happened since then. I could write a whole book if I would like to summarize the results of this period. Instead, let’s meet with the BitNinja 2.0.0!

What 2.0.0 brings to you?

This is the beginning of a new chapter, which will provide much more possibilities to keep servers safe.
You’ll be able to flexibly adjust BitNinja to your company’s internal processes, enjoy brand-new features which will highly increase the protection level on your servers and experience the power of the wonderful Ninja Community.
Why did we change the major version number now? 
Because the basics of 2 huge developments have been released. These are the REST API and the Transparent Proxy. And there will be much more to come! We can’t wait to release them…


Using resources effectively is one key factor for success. That’s why developers want to automate everything that is possible.
Our most requested feature is the RestAPI, this is essential for you if you want to integrate with our systems, and for this exact reason a new colleague joined to our development department Raymund Acs, he will be concentrating on this important project to ensure the smooth work with our customers.

We have already implemented the most popular features into the REST API, however, there will be many new possibilities too. Keep checking our blog site and your inbox as we’ll keep you posted about those new features as well. 😉

Learn more about BitNinja REST API in our documentation site
and on its Swagger page.

Transparent Proxy

Our tech ninjas developed our WAF 2.0, as an nginx reverse proxy, which required the X-Forwarded-For header. Users had to set it up manually and some security checker didn’t like this header for various reasons (e.g. different rate limit). These reasons made us think about how we could make it more comfortable for the users and make our WAF compatible with every service.
This solution is the Full Transparent Proxy, which will make our WAF invisible not only for the client, but also for the server. Here is the process in a nutshell:

  • A packet comes via HTTP
  • The haproxy (SSL Terminating module) adds the necessary headers
  • WAF processes the packet
  • According to the header, the packet will be reduced the same format as the original one

In this process, the packets are sent via socket connections and not via TCP.
Currently, the Transparent Proxy can be enabled with config modifications, so please contact us( or Dashboard chat) and we’ll help you set it up. Later, there will be an API endpoint, so Transparent Proxy could be enabled via API call.

Spoiler Alert

As I mentioned above, BitNinja 2.X.X will bring many other fancy features. Let me just highlight some of them, so you can wait for them as excitedly as we do. 😉

  • Bleeding Edge
  • AuditD integration
  • Backdoor management
  • False positive analyzer
  • Anti Malware

We chose these projects according to our users’ requests, so if you have any wish, just tell us on our Productboard Portal.

Stay safe with BitNinja! 🙂

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