Stability improvements - New BitNinja version (V3.7.4)

Cache invalidation, reliable file incidents, stability improvements, and even more in our new BitNinja version (V3.7.4)

Most systems will automatically update, if you have specific settings or applications preventing automatic updates, you can follow our documentation on how to proceed to have the latest version installed.

The hottest stuff:

  • Fixed an issue where delisting blocklisted IPs did not work.
    • In certain edge cases, some IPs could not be removed from the global blocklist. This was an exceedingly rare occurrence.

  • Fixed an issue regarding the Shogun where it was crashing when there were many incidents.
    • In certain configurations, the Shogun (the module responsible for sending the incidents to BitNinja's UI) crashed due to a large number of incidents being generated at once.

  • Fixed an issue where the Shogun could not keep up with incidents from Malware Detection.
    • Similarly, when more than 4-600 malware files were caught at once, Shogun did not upload all of them.

  • Added a new command to the Malware Detection remove-cache which adds the ability to remove a file or directory from the filesystem cache.

The newest BitNinja version (V3.7.4) brought Cache invalidation, more reliable file incidents and stability improvements.

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