A more manageable Dashboard

Imagine Andrew, who has many servers. He doesn’t want sleepless nights worrying about hacker and bot attacks, that’s why he uses BitNinja.
His servers are very important to him, so he likes checking up on how BitNinja working on them. Andrew logs into the Dashboard every day, and a few weeks ago, realised that there were some changes.
Now, Andrew can track real-time events on the server much easier. Together, let's take a look at how you can find your fave spots, and all the new features with our new layout:

„I’d like to get a thorough overview of my servers.”

The Card view is a mixture of the previous List view, and the Modules view, so you can manage on 1 page your servers easily.
On the cards, you can check out the following information:

  • Agent version: In order to enjoy the most up-to-date protection, make sure that the latest version is running on all the servers and manually update, if it’s needed.
  • Licence: The Free licence provides only a basic protection on your server. It doesn’t contain the combined power of our 9 modules. Here you can upgrade your licence to Pro with one click (or downgrade it, if the basic protection is enough on that server).
  • IP reputation size: Our IP Reputation module has information about millions of IPs. This number shows how many malicious IPs have been downloaded on the server, and it will be automatically protected against them.(If you experience a low IP reputation size on any of your servers, please contact info@bitninja.io.)
  • Load: System load on the server

In addition to these details, you can be also informed about which modules are enabled. At the bottom of the card, you can see some dots, which represent the 9 modules. Green means enabled, and red means disabled. Click on Show modules if you want to turn any of them on/off.

„I really like analyzing the statistics, I’m sure I’ll have a chance to do that here.”

The Show modules option is not only useful for controlling the modules, but it also gives some statistics about module activites immediately. Click on one of them, and you’ll find yourself in the Analytics menu, where you can check out all the graphs.

Under all modules’ statistics, there are some other very useful charts:

  • Greylist trends
  • Blacklist trends
  • Successful CAPTCHA delistings
  • Top 10s

On the top of this page, you can select from other menus:

  • Defended Incidents: Shows all the incidents that BitNinja detected on the server.
  • Agent logs: Tracks events on the server. For example if any BitNinja protected server has been attacked, the IP becomes grey- or blacklisted. Thanks to our defence network, this information is shared with all the BitNinja protected servers, so the IP becomes blocked on your server too. This type of event (and many others) appears in this section.

You can also reach these menus by clicking the server menu (the 3 dots) on the right top of the server cards.

„I want to run over my servers quickly.”

Switch to the List view, by clicking the middle pictogram on the top right corner. It provides you less information than the card view, so if you need a quick review about your servers, you’ll get it with some scrolls.

  • Server status (green=active, orange=warning, red=error)
  • Server name
  • Agent version
  • Licence type
  • Load
  • Access to the statistics (click the server’s name or the Details)

„Hmm.. Port Honeypot sounds great. Maybe I should enable it on all of my servers.”

The third server view is the Modules view. There is a short description of each of the modules. For further information, click the module’s name and you will be navigated to our documentation site.
This page shows all the modules and servers on one panel, which makes enabling/disabling modules on the servers easy.

In addition, you can see the licence type under each server and by simply clicking the server’s name, you can reach the same statistics, we discussed above.

„I’ve just launched a new server and want to install BitNinja on it.”

You can add new servers on the card and list view.

  • Card view: Click the first card, which says Add new server
  • List view: Hit the green Add server button on the top right corner

„What if I would create a server group for my database servers, so they will be easier to manage?”

You can create server groups on both the card and the list view.

It’ll ease your job, as you can separate your servers to mail servers, host servers, database servers, etc. You will be able to review and manage these servers quickly, after categorizing them.

„I got a lot of attacks from China, I was wondering if I could block the whole country on my servers.”

Choose the Black/Whitelist menu, where you can add IP ranges, or even countries, to your own black or whitelist. Add a comment, so you won’t forget why you added them to your lists.

„I want to know more about a specific attack type.”

Network Attacks menu is the place to look.

  • Choose a date range
  • Add one or more incident types. (It isn’t necessary.) If you are not sure about specific meanings, click on the question mark.
  • Type an IP if you wish. (It isn’t necessary.)
  • Choose from your servers. (It isn’t necessary.)
  • Click on Search

You’ll see the incident count and also the detailed incidents. Choose the preferable time zone for you.

 „I’m curious about the detected malwares.”

The Infected Files menu provides information that has been gathered by Malware Detection and Outbound WAF module.

  • Set a date
  • Choose from source
  • Filter to an exact path (it isn’t necessary)
  • Choose from your servers (it isn’t necessary)

Click on the magnifying glass icon, to get more information about the infected file. Beside the file properties, the Malware Info / Outbound WAF tab provides you more details.

Want to paste the path somewhere? Copy it easily at the end of the row.

„Some changes to my account are needed.”

Click on your name on the top right corner and select the Settings menu. 
Here you can change the following:

  • Account name
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Log obfuscation: How much data appears to other BitNinja users about your incidents.
  • Timezone
  • E-mail notifications: It’s your choice that what kind of notifications would you like to get in your mailbox.
    • Server status change
    • Weekly Report
    • Daily Malware Report
    • Weekly Malware Report

You can check out your licence key and your account role too.

„My credit card expired, so I need to change it. I also want to check some invoices.”

On the Payment menu, you can edit your financial information:

  • Add a new credit card/PayPal
  • Change your billing address
  • Check the next payment periods
  • Download invoices

„It would be easier for me, if my accountant could login and download the invoices, rather than me having to send them to him/her all the time.”

Invite your colleagues and give them access to specific menus. Choose the Users menu and select the appropriate role for them:

  • Admin
  • Accountant
  • Server Operator
  • Server Group Operator

„I really liked the Agent Logs under the statistics. It would be great to see them there all the time.”

Switch on the Events next to the search bar.

„I want to search for a specific IP to check if it is malicious or not.”

In the Search bar you can search for the following:

  • IP: Check out what kind of attacks are coming from it
  • Domain: Attacks that have targeted the domain and BitNinja caught
  • Server: Attacks that have targeted the server and BitNinja caught

„Some questions have come to mind and I’d like to reach a Ninja.”

Choose the Feedback menu and you can send us an email without opening your mailbox. If you have a feature request, just click on the Make a wish button and add your idea on Wantoo. As we have faith in customer-driven development, your requests are very important to us. As you are a valued customer, our main goal is cater to your needs as much as we can.

In addition, you can open a chat conversation with us, on the right bottom of the page.

„Hmm, I really like this new Dashboard… it’s so easy to use and I can access all the features quickly. It’s also great that most of the menus, have a Help section which makes it so easy to navigate with out any issues.”

Do you agree with Andrew? Tell us in a comment under the article.

If you have no more queries, 
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