It’s Time: BitNinja Builds a New Malware Detection Beast


  • Yes, we need to improve our malware feature big time.
  • Yes, you’ve asked us to do it many times. Your feedback and patience are deeply appreciated.
  • Yes, we are in the process of making our malware feature into a new beast.
  • Yes, we are also working on improving our feedback systems.

You’ve asked for this many times

We created BitNinja with a vision in mind: let’s make the internet a safer place together! During the past few months, we’ve been so focused on the first part that we almost forgot about the most important bit - ‘together.’

To be completely honest, we’ve been terrible at listening to your voices and even worse at responding to them as a company and as a team. Well, we listened a bit - did you see our Rate Limiting feature release? However, we know that is not enough. ‘Together’ means much more than that.

We need to improve our malware detection

According to the AV Test Institute, there are over 1.3 billion malware programs installed worldwide, with 450,000 new pieces detected each day.

In this arsenal of new malware, the detection capabilities rank high on everyone’s priority list. We hear you, and we see what’s at stake.

Making our malware feature into a new beast

We have taken the Malware Detection module back to the drawing board and completely reworked it.

We are revolutionizing both the how and the what: the way we find malware and the types we can catch.

Our early testing shows that this approach means a ten-times increase in malware caught on the same server. And this will only improve as time goes on.

How do we make this happen?

  • Powerful New Engine: We are building in a new malware engine that will boost our malware detection efficiency. The engine combines several powerful methods and is capable of identifying massive numbers of patterns and strings.
  • AI: We are accelerating our signature generation with AI-assisted processing of suspicious files.
  • Improved Proactive Defense System: We are rebuilding the underlying logic of the operations that come into play when BitNinja finds malware infections. The Defence Robot is getting more sophisticated, which will help find even more dangerous files. The Defense Robot is a comprehensive, real-time malware root cause analysis module that traces back the origin of the malware.
  • Improved Behavior Efficiency: BitNinja is already capable of cleaning files, but that is not enough. With the current developments, we ensure that the bulk of catches will not just be quarantined. They will be efficiently cleaned.

We are improving our feedback systems

We want to get back on track with our user-centric thinking. Your feedback means a lot to us, so we are establishing a better feedback loop on our feedback page. Our team did a lot of reflection. So, we have a few ideas and a large amount of determination to get you involved in our optimized continuous feedback loop.

We are excited about the future, and we hope you are too. You can expect more updates in the next few weeks as we roll the changes out to production.

If you have further questions or want to hear more about the new beast, you can have a free consultation with our team.

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