Enhanced Stability and Efficiency in BitNinja Version 3.10.16

Configuration setting updates - default and recommended values, MalwareDetection new config option, IP rule management for even more reliable and smoother operation in our new BitNinja versions (3.10.16)

Setting Minimum and Maximum Values in Config

To enhance system performance and stability, we have updated some default and recommended values. This adjustment ensures that all configurations are optimized for both efficiency and performance, resulting in more stable operation.

Configurability of Malware Detection

We added a new configuration option to our Malware Detection module, which allows you to decide whether or not to scan the /var/spool/cron directory.

IP Filter Modifications

We have updated our IP rule management for even more reliable and smoother operation. When an IP address is added to the allow list, it is automatically removed from the challenge list. This eliminates the situation where an IP address could exist on both the allow list and the challenge lists simultaneously.



  • Minimum resource usage changed (System): 40 → 60
  • Minimum malwareDetection memory limit changed (MalwareDet): 100 → 600
  • Minimum scan niceness changed (MalwareDet): 0 - 1 → 0 - 0.1


  • Added config option to scan or not scan /var/spool/cron periodically.


  • When an IP address is put on the allow list, it is removed from the challenge list, avoiding the case where an IP address cannot be on both the allow list and the challenge list.

Process Analysis 1.0.3

  • Add new php binaries path
  • Validating exist binary path
  • Remove Goroutine for new running processes, caused a concurrency
  • Auditd monitor handling Enable and Disable

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