Customer Experiences: The Success of BitNinja with Enhance Control Panel

We are delighted to share the resounding success of the BitNinja integration with the Enhance control panel (UI integration will be available at a later date), highlighted by the enthusiastic feedback from our users. This collaboration has brought forth a unique server security solution that not only enhances security but also integrates seamlessly with the Enhance environment.

The Ultimate Solution: BitNinja and Enhance Compatibility

BitNinja is the only comprehensive server security solution that is fully compatible with the Enhance control panel. This ensures users the most advanced protection and the easiest management.

Unbeatable Pricing

Accordingly, to user feedback, BitNinja's pricing represents excellent value for the services and security features provided. For Enhance users, BitNinja offers domain/website-based pricing at $0.10 per website/domain (with a minimum billing threshold of $5). To enjoy this favorable pricing as an Enhance user, all you need to do is notify us. The special pricing must be approved manually by our team. This is why you won't see this pricing on our website or the Console UI. If you contact our support team at, through the console chat, or directly reach out to our Product Manager Mark Bacsko at, we will manually apply the Enhance pricing plan to your servers.

Quick and Trouble-Free Installation

Installing BitNinja on any Enhance server is quick and seamless requiring a simple copy and paste of our one-liner installer, whether it's a database, web, backup, or email server. The straightforward and speedy installation process ensures that users can immediately enjoy the security benefits of BitNinja.

Low Resource Demand

BitNinja excels in resource efficiency, not overburdening the server's CPU and RAM capacity, which is essential for small servers in question. User feedback indicates that BitNinja's resource demand is similar to Immunify360 and CPGuard solutions, ensuring that servers perform optimally without compromising security.

Centralised Dashboard

BitNinja's intuitive and comprehensive dashboard allows users to manage security settings easily and effectively. Users find the dashboard design clear and easy to navigate.

Countless Features

BitNinja is equipped with numerous advanced features that enhance both security and efficiency. The multi-layered protection, including anti-malware, web application firewall (WAF), and IP reputation management, guarantees maximum security for servers and websites.


The positive feedback from our community not only underscores the effectiveness of BitNinja as a robust security solution but also its ease of integration and management as part of the Enhance platform. We are committed to continuous improvement and are grateful for the community’s insights which help us enhance user experience further.

Test BitNinja with a 7-day free trial and give us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to refine our product to better meet your needs.

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