BitNinja in the Asia Pacific region - Case Study with ReadySpace

ReadySpace was founded in 2003 and is based in Singapore. They provide cloud-based solutions to their 150,000 customers, mainly from the Asia Pacific region. They are now expanding to the Philippines and Indonesia, and since 2013 started to open towards American businesses.


They were experiencing the harmful effects of heavy DoS attacks mainly, which is one of the most common threats for cloud-based services. Nowadays there are around 45 million infected servers, most of these are used as members of botnets, designed to take down the competitor companies’ websites.

„We used intrusion detection and prevention systems before, but we needed something else.” - ReadySpace


ReadySpace started to use BitNinja in 2015 because they wanted to provide a secure service for their customers. They used several other solutions before, but found the BitNinja approach so effective that they decided to become our reseller partners.

„Among all modules and features, server layer DDoS mitigation was proven to be our favorite by far.”  - ReadySpace


After the installation of Bitninja, they experienced less server downtime due to attacks and observed the faster running of their servers. It means not only less support and wasted time for the sysadmins but also a great value-added service to their customers.
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