Case Study - How BitNinja Supports Dreamscape Networks’ Mission

A few years ago, our web hosting company experienced heavy difficulties with the different kinds of cyberattacks. The things became so bad that we started to lose customers because they obviously perceived the consequences of the vulnerable servers. We couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to take over the control of the cyberwar. That’s how BitNinja was born 5 years ago.
Our servers became safe and since then our web hosting company is rapidly growing, but that wasn’t enough for us. We have bigger dreams about a better future, where every server owner can forget all those headaches what we also had before BitNinja. Our mission

is to make the Internet a safer place, so we are incredibly happy when we can hear our partners success story about how BitNinja changed their life.
Now, Dreamscape Networks

is in the spotlight. They became one of our biggest clients within a very short time period recently.

The Company

Dreamscape Networks Limited
is a trusted and affordable online solutions provider of domain names, hosting and technology solutions and owns Australia’s #1 domain brand Crazy Domains and Singapore's #1 hosting provider Vodien Internet Solutions.

Their mission is: To help customers achieve their online goals by delivering innovative, user-friendly and intuitive, technology-driven solutions to become the worlds most trusted and affordable online solutions provider, backed by Best in World service. 


Every server owner has their own „horror story” about how the bad guys tried to compromise their servers and ruin their business. Dreamscape Networks had its own horror story too:

„We've been facing many issues such as DoS, brute-force attacks, SQL Injection Attack, websites hacking attempts etc. As you can guess, such attacks affect the service quality, what's totally against our mission.” – Pavel Zinchuk (Web Hosting Team Lead)

Of course, no one could just sit and wait in this situation, so they started to think about how they could avoid the negative consequences and prevent the cyberattacks.


„We've tried many different tools and protection solutions. We had to defend our servers using semi-automated tools or self-written solutions in some cases, especially in the case of botnet networks. Eliminating and minimizing such attacks on users took time and increased the load on our engineers.” – Pavel Zinchuk (Web Hosting Team Lead)

As no one can hide from the hackers and bots, the only solution is to step in and fight back with a powerful weapon. However, these tools weren’t appropriate for this purpose, so they wanted to find the ultimate solution and they did.

„We had to research the market again and based on testing we figured out that the Bitninja is the most suitable solution at this point in time.” (Web Hosting Team Lead)


Dreamscape Networks found what can bring the desired results to them:

„Bitninja provided us with a complex solution what wasn't provided by others and changes after applying a solution, reduced the load on systems and engineers significantly.” – Pavel Zinchuk (Web Hosting Team Lead)

It’s a quite big „level up” in their business, so let’s take deeper insight how could it happen. We asked Pavel to list the main factors:

„* The grey and blacklist

helped to stop attacks from suspicious IPs.
* The IP reputation list

reduced the number of attacks from botnets.
* Email and Web Captcha
helped to reduce the load on the support team since the user can now independently remove his IP from the greylist with the help of captcha.
* Centralized DB allowed us to use of blocked IPs between servers, so we hadn't spent resources on distribution and checking consistency.” – Pavel Zinchuk (Web Hosting Team Lead)

We could say that this is a happy ending, but it’s not the end. BitNinja is the start of a new story, where Dreamscape Networks’ life is much easier; they can go forward to reach their mission as there is no more „firefighting” because of the cyberattacks.
(Download this case study in PDF form.)

What’s your story?

Which part of this case study is describing your status now? Are you still living in the „horror” where you can’t have a peaceful dinner without worrying about your servers being hacked? Book a demo
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If BitNinja has already changed your life too, don’t be shy, tell your story and be proud that you are part of our journey to make the internet a safer place. Contact us at or simply leave a comment under this article and we’ll help you to write your own case study. 😉

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