Case Study - The Best Security Solution for Valicom Net Cloud Services

Valicom Net is a Cloud Hosting Company in Cyprus with more than 15 years of experience specializing in Business Web Hosting, Cloud Services, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Hosted Exchange, Web Development with Content Management System, Network Security, Antispam Services, Online Storage Email & Remote Backup.


„As we offer managed and unmanaged services, the challenge for us was to protect both services. For the managed servers all security updates were done on time which was not the case with the unmanaged servers as customers usually don’t update them. We were getting a lot of complaints for website hacking, code injections, vulnerability exploits or compromised mail servers sending out spam and getting blacklisted, so we needed to find a way fast to protect them. That’s when we started using BitNinja and all complaints stopped. Our customers experienced reduced load on the servers and we did not have a single hacking incident since then.”  - Demetris Valiandes


„BitNinja offers the best solution for us and everything is on autopilot. The automatic blocking of IP addresses, the Honeypot module, DoS Detection and malware protection all contribute to a safe server environment that is let to do its service.”  - Demetris Valiandes


„The results are amazing: we don’t get any more complaints from customers our IT engineers’ work load has been reduced, servers are using less resources and uptime has also improved. The weekly reports help us investigate further about the incidents and the feature to block countries is excellent for large attacks. We would like to thank BitNinja for this excellent product.” - Demetris Valiandes

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