BitNinja SiteProtection - Raise Your Profit with a Security Add-on

BitNinja Server Security has successfully raised your uptime, reduced your server load, and cut the number of customer complaints you receive.

Now, we have raised the bar one step further and determined a more ambitious goal. We want to raise your profit too!

How? With a security add-on, which provides more value for your customers.

BitNinja SiteProtection is a hands-free security solution for website owners against targeted cyberattacks. It has an end-user-facing UI, which extends key capabilities of BitNinja for website security.

On the SiteProtection Console the website owners can see every detail of their incidents, and for example, they can run malware and external scans as well, their vulnerabilities are patched automatically, but we will detail the feature sets later.

siteprotection console

SiteProtection Dashboard snapshot
Click here to see the full dashboard

First, let's see how BitNinja SiteProtection can help you to skyrocket your business!

SiteProtection Reseller Partnership

We have a partnership program within which you can upsell BitNinja SiteProtection to your end-users. This opportunity can improve important KPIs for your business.

You get commission after every single license you sell so you can easily raise your Average Revenue Per User by providing more value for your customers with a security add-on. SiteProtection has different tiers, so every website owner can find the suit for his needs. Contact our Ninjas for more information about the pricing.

Server Security provides defense on the server level, but SiteProtection helps you to protect your customers against targeted attacks. With a 100% secured website, your service will be fully predictable and trusted which results in a higher customer satisfaction rate.

And higher customer satisfaction rate has a lot of benefits, such as a longer lifecycle and higher CLV.

We talked about which KPIs can SiteProtection increase but it is as important that which ones can be reduced. Churn Rate is closely related to CSR. The higher the CSR, the lower the churn rate.

Targeted attacks can cause a lot of unexpected cybersecurity issues. It leads to continuous firefighting and results in a lot of overtime in the IT and support departments. If the websites are fully protected, there will be much fewer unexpected jobs for your employees, so for example your support team members can focus on other important tasks.

You will not receive so many tickets, there will be much less overtime, security costs will decrease significantly.

In the end, your profit will increase. And what will your customers get for exchange? They will have a proactive cybersecurity solution that patches any vulnerabilities automatically, prepares and reacts to targeted attacks, and maintains constant monitoring.

Why do website owners need SiteProtection?

As a shared hosting company, you do your best to keep your customers safe. BitNinja Server Security protects you and your hosted websites against all types of cyberattacks on the server level.

However, the time has come when websites need specific, high-level protection against targeted hacker attacks.

targeted attacks

8 out of 10 cyberattacks are targeted attacks

By 2021, eight out of ten cyberattacks have become targeted attacks, and as a shared hosting company, we've set up a defense system on the server level.

targeted attacks

SiteProtection is an extra defense layer against targeted attacks, so the websites can be 100% protected.

SiteProtection Tiers


First, we have a free version, which shows the threats a website owner has to face while operating his web assets and provides security information.

Users with the free tier can learn about the most recent defended attacks against their sites, the geographical distribution of the attacks and the latest types of malware BitNinja has quarantined to keep their website safe.

The free also contains a one-time external scan and gives a security audit about the website so the user gets more insight into the security problems the website might have.

siteprotection free


This tier is for those tech-savvy site owners who know how to fix issues and are interested in the monitoring and reporting of website vulnerabilities. It contains regular external scans also to keep the site admins informed about the latest issues.

siteprotection essential


The SiteProtection Pro plan is for website users who need a proactive solution. It virtually patches any findings automatically, prepares the website against targeted attacks, maintains constant security monitoring, and, if necessary, takes actions to defend the website from a targeted attack.

siteprotection pro

Check out the detailed feature comparison here.

SiteProtection Partner Kit

To help you achieve this goal, we provide you with a Partner Kit that helps you to promote BitNinja SiteProtection.

It includes marketing and sales materials such as promotional emails, one-pagers, sales supportive presentations, social media posts, blog posts, graphics, and everything else you might need.

If you'd like to be a BitNinja SiteProtection Partner, book a spot on our calendar for more information.

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