BitNinja Partners With Ezoic to Enhance Cybersecurity for Online Publishers

We are happy to announce that Ezoic, the foremost A.I. technology provider for online publishers and websites monetizing content with display ads, has received the designation of Certified Seamless partner. This partnership aims to optimize the delivery of enhanced security and performance to the web, benefiting both parties involved.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic’s technology provides publishers with a vast array of tools and features that overlap with the security and protection offered by BitNinja Server Security.

By partnering with them, the two companies will be able to offer rare compatibility and integration that has been in-demand among digital publishers.

“Ezoic is a truly remarkable company that cares about their users so much and offers them the best technology that goes beyond just monetizing websites. We are glad they chose our company to defend their customers against cyberattacks,” said George Egri, CEO, and co-founder of BitNinja.

Through this partnership, Ezoic assures that customers can seamlessly use BitNinja’s technology. This, combined with Ezoic Cloud, a server-side method of delivering ads and content from the edge, and remain protected if publishers choose to take advantage of this form of enhanced cybersecurity.

“Through our partnership with BitNinja, Ezoic customers now have an unprecedented amount of flexibility in how they approach the security of their server or site in an age where Cloud and other lightweight technologies have advanced, but have emerged as an area where security is paramount,” said Tyler Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer at Ezoic. “I think it speaks to the innovative nature of companies, like BitNinja and Ezoic, to be proactively identifying where we can work together to make the web more secure and less complex for publishers.”

About Ezoic

It is the leading A.I. technology for online publishers and websites monetizing content with display ads. Furthermore, it is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that enables customers to streamline the implementation, optimization, and testing of ads and ad partners alongside intelligent end-to-end tools and features for site speed, SEO, and more. Tens of thousands of websites of all shapes and sizes depend on Ezoic to run their business while eliminating complex software and unneeded middlemen. Visit:

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