BitNinja at WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino: Key Moments and Networking

The BitNinja team attended the heart of the WordPress community at WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino, embracing the latest technological trends and solutions under the theme of innovation and unity.

BitNinja’s Participation

Mark Bacskó, our savvy Product Manager, and Ben Tóth, our charismatic Sales Account Executive, flew the BitNinja flag at the event. They had a blast introducing attendees to the latest and greatest in BitNinja’s server protection tech, not to mention making some fantastic new friends along the way.

Networking and New Opportunities

The event provided an excellent opportunity for forming new business relationships and strengthening existing partnerships. The BitNinja team brought back numerous new ideas and potential collaborations from the event, which we will soon integrate into our future plans.

Highlighted Speakers and Sessions

One of the standout presentations at WordCamp Europe 2024 was delivered by Matthias Held, who captivated attendees with his session, "Think like a hacker: Attack your WordPress." In this eye-opening talk, Matthias explored the mindset of cyber attackers and provided actionable advice on how WordPress users can fortify their sites against common vulnerabilities. His approach to security, emphasizing proactive defense strategies, aligns closely with BitNinja's mission to provide robust, multi-layered protection for servers.

Another significant session was "We Spoke with Over 50 Different WordPress Product Owners – Here’s What We Learned." This discussion offered invaluable insights into the WordPress community's current challenges and aspirations, gathering perspectives from over fifty product owners. Anyone involved in WordPress product development will find these findings crucial, as they offer attendees a comprehensive understanding of the evolving market needs.

Who Should Attend WordCamp Europe Events? 

WordCamp Europe is an excellent venue for anyone involved with WordPress, whether they are developers, designers, content creators, or security professionals. We recommend it to those looking for fresh ideas and inspiration for their projects, as well as to those wishing to engage in the WordPress community and build their networks.


WordCamp Europe 2024 was an extraordinary opportunity for BitNinja to present its innovative solutions and further solidify its position within the WordPress community. We look forward to the next major event where we can meet again!

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