BitNinja 1.0.0 is ready to rumble

We are happy to announce BitNinja 1.0.0

The version counter turned from 0.31 to our first full release, because BitNinja is now running stable on more than 100 production servers worldwide!
That’s a great success for us and a big loss for the hackers. 😉

So what’s new in 1.0.0?

What is new in addition to any bugfixess?
We have a big announcement: the long-awaited SenseLog module has been finished and has been built into the new version.
The module detects present log files automatically and recognizes log rotation, in an intelligent way.
SenseLog allows the analisys of log files in a fully automated way and grants automated protection in defined cases. At the moment, it works with apache transfer logs, error logs and auth logs, but we are developing the capability of the module in order to extend the group of concerned log files.
Automatic updates are scheduled for Tuesday. But if you can’t wait to meet our newbies, just go ahead and update them manually.

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