Award-winning Malware Detection Module and New Reselling Option

We are UNSTOPPABLE! At the end of the last year, we made several goals for this quarter. One of them was to develop the best malware detection module in the world. In the previous release note, you could read about it in-depth how we started it. Now we will give you some information about this project to keep you up-to-date. 😉 

This purpose might seem big enough for a quarter, but we have something even better for you! Our new product, the SiteProtection, has launched, and you will be able to skyrocket your profit with it!

Let’s see the details!

How BitNinja Harnesses the Power of the Cloud and the Community

Malware Detection Module Upgrade

As you may already know, we have a structure-based malware recognition system that can fend off the obfuscated malware. This award-winning malware detection technique delivered a fantastic improvement to fight against obfuscation.

As I started: We are UNSTOPPABLE! Besides this unique method, we wanted to build the biggest malware signature database in the world. And we did it! After updating the validating signature creating process and introducing a new method for signature validation, we had to make tons of honeypots to collect malware signatures.

By now, BitNinja has 5+ million malware honeypots, and it is still growing!

And how many malware signatures do we have? It would be hard to tell because our signatures are unique.

The source code structure analysis technique creates a special signature (named SA-MD5) and does the matching on the structure. This way, no matter how the source is altered, the structure will be the same, and the system will recognize the malware. That’s why one SA-MD5 signature equals thousands of hash signatures.

Adding a New Signature

The power of the Ninjas comes from the community. That’s why we try to simplify every contributing process for our users. Last month we did the same with the signature validating method, inspired by a well-known online dating app. This time we made it easier to add a new signature to your local database.

You can find it in the “Anti-Malware” section on the “Local malware signatures” tab. On the right side, you can find the “Add New Malware” button. If you click on it, you can upload a new PHP malware with the drag-and-drop method or the classical browsing technique.

When the signature is uploaded to the BitNinja cloud, it gets distributed to your servers to find matching files. Then you are prompted to decide if the signature is production-ready or not. You can do it with this with the new “Malware Tinder”. If you permit, we move the signature to your production list and quarantine all matching files.

The BitNinja Cloud Scanner

Up until now, we had to keep our malware signature database at a reasonable level. Those huge community-built malware lists would take more than 8 GB of RAM from each of your servers. To load and check every file against this endless database… You can imagine this would quickly eat up your precious resources and go against one of our goals: reduce your load by at least 30%! 

So, we went forward and built the Cloud Scanner. This solution tracks every file on your system (filtering most of them with our whitelist) and sends the hash to our Cloud FS. Here, we execute trillions over trillions comparison to find any malicious file on your servers. 

With the combination of the malware detection system and the cloud, we can save you RAM and expensive computation while you can enjoy the power of the Ninja Community.

From now on, we will load the most optimized lists to your servers from the cloud and keep our live malware scan more effective than ever while delivering the most sophisticated PHP malware removal tool in the world.

BitNinja SiteProtection

SiteProtection by BitNinja is a cybersecurity tool for website owners and a reselling option for shared web hosting companies. It is a high-level protection software that proactively shields website vulnerabilities against targeted attacks.

Why is it beneficial for shared hosting providers?

  • Better security for your customers
  • Automated and customized
  • High profit from reselling

Each website and e-commerce business is unique, so they need different, customized protection. This is what SiteProtection offers in its free and paid offerings. We kept it in mind to create an automated, easy-to-use tool, such as ServerProtection. Therefore both technically trained and untrained website owners can use it.

It’s secure by default but easily customizable through its comfortable web user interface. SiteProtection has several modules against every type of cyberattacks, such as malware removal, phishing removal, web application firewall, external scanning, under attack mode, CAPTCHA, and even more.

How to use SiteProtection if you are a shared hosting provider?

We handle SiteProtection as a module in the ServerProtection Console. If you click on the server card, you just have to turn it on, and the SiteProtection extension will be installed automatically to your control panel.

After you have activated it, go to the Site Protection section on the Console.

On the Overview tab, you can find the summary of your SiteProtection reselling history. You can see the number of registered users and an estimated Upsell ARR, showing you the potential yearly income from reselling SiteProtection.

On the User Management tab, you can see your User Growth with the number of your Potential Users (this is the number of your Linux users). At the bottom of the page, you can find a list of your Registered SiteProtection Users with some useful data such as the Linux name (your customer’s user name), the name of your server the user is connected to, the type of the package (free or pro), the type of the user’s integration, and the registration date. You can also add a new user here with the “Register User” button.

On the Integration tab, you can see the server-level integration, such as your servers’ name, the number of your users on the server, the potential ARR of the server, and the type of integration. Below that, you will find the WordPress Integration. Stay tuned! It is coming soon.

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