Automated Package Management, New Malware Signature and More in BitNinja 3.10.18-19

Latest Enhancements:

User Counter

This update resolves previous inaccuracies, now providing users with more accurate feedback on the number of active participants in the system.


We have resolved an issue that previously prevented the SpamDetection service from shutting down properly. This fix ensures that the feature can now be deactivated smoothly without generating errors.

DataProvider Updates

We fixed a bug that caused incorrect domain detection in cases involving the Enhance Control Panel. This update improves the accuracy of domain detection, which is important for other modules of BitNinja.


A new CronInjector signature has been added to our MalwareDetection service, further strengthening our system’s defense against malicious software.

Enhance Service Detector

Resolved some issues within the Enhance Service Detector, improving its accuracy and reliability at determining the presence of Enhance Control Panel.

Package Version Tracking and Automatic Updates

From now on, the BitNinja Agent not only monitors but also automatically manages the version tracking of it's own packages. This includes updates when necessary, significantly reducing the need for manual maintenance and increasing system stability.


User Counter

  • Fixed some issues with the user counter


  • Fixed an issue that caused an error in stopping SpamDetection


  • Fixed an issue in DataProvider, that caused, in the case of Enhance Control Panel, the domain not detected correctly


  • Added a new CronInjector signature to the MalwareDetection

Enhance Service Detector

  • Fixed some bugs in the Enhance service detector

Dev only

  • The Agent will automatically manage the version tracking of the packages and update them when necessary.
  • Office now receives data on all installed package versions associated with BitNinja.

Please update your agent version or if you have specific settings or applications preventing automatic updates. You can follow our documentation on how to proceed to have the latest version installed.

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