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Here at BitNinja, we always strive to offer innovative solutions that not only enhance server security but also minimize resource usage. We're excited to introduce our latest feature, the AI-powered Patch Manager module.


In the world of content management systems (CMS) - like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal -, new vulnerabilities are continually discovered, posing significant security risks. These platforms, widely used for creating and managing websites, are attractive targets for attackers due to their popularity and extensive use across the Internet.

With BitNinja, you get zero-day protection by the WAF module automatically - if enabled. However, a web application firewall is not always the best tool patch vulnerabilities due to the risk of high false positive alerts - or simply because it's a more reliable solution to create file patches to them. Because the most effective way to protect a website is by actually changing the code and patching the vulnerability. There are bugfix versions available for these kinds of problems, too, but website admins usually don't risk breaking their websites, or simply don't have the know-how to update, so they simply just keep using the old, vulnerable versions until they run into problems.

And we all know that this is an evergreen issue: who's to blame when hackers exploit WordPress vulnerabilities - the website owner who's not updated religiously or the webhosting provider who's not applied the right level of security.

That’s where our AI File Patcher Module comes in, engineered to precisely identify and neutralize these vulnerabilities.


Our AI Patch Manager is deeply integrated into the BitNinja ecosystem of modules, generatin new patches in an AI-assisted way - but human verification, of course. This allows us to keep up with new vulnerabilities much faster.

Once activated, it quickly identifies and lists all patchable files, relying on the malware scanner's file cache. It eliminates the need to read all files or to traverse the directory structure again to detect patchable files.

Furthermore, the AI Patch Management module is included in our base package, so there is no need to pay extra for it. This means that by using BitNinja's services, you can enjoy the benefits provided by the AI Patch Manager module from the very beginning without incurring any additional costs. 


You don't have to configure or fine-tune anything. The enabled module will instantly identify the patchable files on your server —no need for a full server scan.
After that, you can apply the patches manually from the UI. Also, our Console enables you to choose whether to apply the patches individually, per server, or even across clusters.


What if there's a problem with a patched file? Need to backup the whole site?

No, you can reverse a patch at any time, and BitNinja will restore the original files. We even took into consideration if the plugin/CMS itself was updated and won't restore a patch if the related files were updated in the meantime.

You’re probably eager to see what BitNinja AI Patch Management looks like on the UI. Well, let’s take a look!

BitNinja patch management module


The BitNinja AI Patch Management module offers a cutting-edge solution for server protection, utilizing AI technology to detect and fix vulnerabilities. This ensures our servers are resilient against the latest threats without impacting performance. Available as part of our base package, the AI File Patcher module provides this advanced protection without additional costs.

Read more about in our documentation.

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