7 Must-Have Tools To Be Installed On Your Linux Server

There is a force to reckon with in computing technology – Linux, an operating system most administrators use in 'Linux machines' to complete their command-line interface tasks. This article introduces seven must-have tools that should be installed on your web hosting company's Linux server.

7. htop:

Which command-line utility do you use to check which process takes the most CPU or memory? Most people would answer top. Htop is very similar to top, just better... in everything! It is a cross-platform interactive process viewer that requires ncurses. For me, it is more simple to understand its output than top's. It shows you the usage per CPU and also a text graph of your memory and swap usage.

6. MySQL Workbench:

Across OS platforms, it is undoubtedly the most popular database administration application. You have to install it to the client end to reach the server. It gives the server managers the freedom to work both locally and remotely, allowing them to design, develop, and manage the MYSQL databases by using various tools.

5. Zabbix:

For monitoring virtual machines and network devices in real-time, we definitely recommend Zabbix. It is Open Source and collects millions of metrics from any devices, systems, and applications. It can be deployed for agentless monitoring as well. You can customize your dashboard on the web-based graphical user interface and make your own reports and network maps.

4. Nmap:

Network Mapper is a free and open-source tool, used for network discovery by sending packets and analyzing the responses. With Nmap, you can identify which devices are running on your system, manage service upgrade schedules, discover hosts that are available, find open ports, and detect security risks.

3. cPanel:

A web hosting control panel with a graphical user interface that helps you manage your servers. It allows you to publish websites, organize web files, create email accounts, and much more. cPanel makes the hosting management process so easier that even beginners can manage their hosting accounts.

2. Cron:

It is a time-based task scheduler. You can run an automated process as a root with Cron at a certain time. It runs based on commands specified in crontab (stands for cron table) and its syntax is flexible and powerful enough to schedule tasks in every tenth minute if you want. Cron is especially useful for system maintenance, automate backups or other repetitive jobs.

1. BitNinja:

Malicious actors keep evolving and deploying malware that is disguised as regular system files. These latest cybersecurity threats render traditional malware detecting software useless. BitNinja uses the latest resource-friendly approach to detect obfuscated malware uploading attempts and keep the systems secure. The enormous database of over 70 million IP addresses ensures that consumers receive all the latest updates on their IP addresses. If there is an attack on a server, BitNinja blocks the IP address not only on the attacked server but on all of its protected servers worldwide. 

While some of these tools will provide useful metrics for monitoring the system performance, others will offer an interactive GUI interface with the Linux system administrators. BitNinja is an all-in-one security tool and provides a holistic cybersecurity solution and act as the ultimate protection mechanism against WordPress, Joomla, Drupal infections for hosted websites, and as a means for Linux server administrators to monitor system security, health, and debug any operational issues.

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