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Gain revenue
We have an upsell opportunity for your company to offer VPS owners BitNinja. The best thing is that you get commission after every sold licence. To help you achieve the best results, we will provide you a Partner Kit containing promotional emails, graphics, social media, and blog posts.
All-in-one protection
BitNinja combines the most powerful server security software in one easy-to-use protection suite. You get full-stack protection against XSS, DDoS, malware, scans, script injection, enumeration, brute force and other automated attacks – on all major protocols, not only HTTP.
Reduce workload
When hackers attack your systems and drain your resources, you can expect more support tickets and overtime. The proactive cybersecurity strategy, that comes along with BitNinja, improves your customer experience and reduces your workload at the same time.

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BitNinja has unique signatures based on the malware’s structure. If a hacker rewrites a malware with the original structure, our malware engine detects it. This way, BitNinja can identify obfuscated malware and zero-day attacks instantly. It is combined with the Defense Robot, which traces the backdoors used to infect your servers, to prevent future attacks.

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WAF 2.0

BitNinja can handle both TTLs and ASNs. The WAF 2.0 is highly customizable so you can minimize your false-positive rate and you can even configure the filter level by domain. We are constantly creating new WAF rules to patch the different zero-day CMS vulnerabilities.

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IP Reputation

Every BitNinja protected server worldwide shares information with each other about the most recent attacks. That’s why we can use a rich set of common malicious IP databases in our ecosystem and have information about 100,000,000 IP addresses.

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Our first defense line for identifying botnets is the Browser Integrity Check. If the automatic validation is not successfull then we use the CAPTCHA page. We also have URL Captcha that can defend against unpatched zero-day attacks efficiently and quickly!

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Centralized Dashboard

BitNinja is designed to manage and the display security of a server cluster and we have a dedicated security console for it. If you have to handle more servers at the same time, you will love it!


Easy-To-Use Modules

The Console is designed to be easy to use as possible and have the most important information visible at a glance. A good example for this is our Server Card. You can see the key details of the server and turn on or off its modules by two clicks.

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