Case studies

These case studies are from the real-world. Check out how BitNinja helped companies to resolve their cybersecurity issues!
  • BitNinja prevents security incidents without adversely affecting business operations

    “BitNinja has given our customers ease of mind knowing they are protected from reputational and business impacting online threats and has greatly reduced the time the internal team spent on cleaning infected websites.”

    Nico Visser
    DevOps Manager

  • Drastic Decrease in Hacked WordPress Installations and Server Overloads

    “As a result, we have noticed a drastic decrease in hacked WordPress installations or server overloads due to minor DDoS attacks or brute force attempts. The drop was so dramatic that we decided to provide BitNinja for free to our web hosting customers.“

    Victor Jerlin

  • BitNinja Reduced Working Hours and Raised Cybersecurity Visibility

    “BitNinja is like a guardian angel, hardening up various weak areas on shared hosting servers. I cannot recommend it enough.“

    Johan Olivier


    BitNinja Increased VPS Owner’s Revenue by 200%

    “After switching to BitNinja, our Google Adsense problem has been resolved and we haven’t had botnet attacks since then. Our revenue from AdSense raised significantly, it means a 200% increase in revenue.”

    Don Xhean

  • BitNinja Brings New Era to FastComet’s Cybersecurity Operations

    “BitNinja has prevented countless potential exploits, malicious objects and unwanted bots. Importantly, we saved an enormous amount of server resources that we can now use for legitimate customer activity.”

    Elena Tileva
    Marketing Manager

  • Fast-Tracking Growth at Miss Group with BitNinja

    “The whole platform is feature-rich, especially with the new WAF 2.0. It has everything that a web hosting company or sysadmin could dream of; a single interface that protects your servers from any kind of attack.”

    Rabi Hanna