Year Review - 2020 at BitNinja

2020 was the last year of the decade and turned the world upside down as if it was the end of a millennium. Our Seed Round investment closed in November 2019, so we started 2020 with great expectations. The first quarter of the year was extremely tough for us, as well as for anyone else. We had to move away from the office, get used to working remotely, and this whole new situation. The onboarding process was probably the most challenging part, especially because we doubled the number of employees in the company. But the Ninjas are UNSTOPPABLE, and we proved it last year too! We made the Internet a safer place and defended the shared hosting companies’ servers at the highest level. Let’s check the Top 10 BitNinja achievements from 2020!

#10 Upgraded Defense Robot

We wanted to have a more comprehensive and automated tool, so we made it. The Defense Robot was introduced in March 2019. The module identifies the backdoors and attacking IPs of each malware upload attempt and doesn’t require any manual intervention. This year we upgraded it, and now it can detect other malware or a backdoor that was used to upload the detected malware. So your servers will be protected from that malware too. In 2020, the Defense Robot defended against 85,417 attacks.

#9 WAF Performance

The power of the WAF 2.0 is unquestionable. You can set the filtration level and the strictness for each domain, plus it has a very low false-positive rate. The WAF had the most jobs in February when the WordPress Duplicator Plugin had a Zero-day Vulnerability. Last year, it defended more than 20 million attacks.

#8 False Positive Rates

One of our strengths is the low false positive rate on the market. According to the International Cyber Benchmark Index, 26% of cyberattacks are false positives on average, and 43% of cybersecurity tools have a higher false-positive rate than 20%. In 2020, our False Positive rate was 0.64%.

#7 Honeypot Catches

We provide two kinds of Honeypots: Port Honeypot to block IPs that scan for open ports and Web Honeypot to stop hackers from scanning web application vulnerabilities. Last year our web honeypot blocked half a million, and our port honeypot more than 1 billion attacks.

#6 Ninjas Joined to the Company

At the end of 2019, there were 19 employees at the company, and we finished 2020 with 41 Ninjas! The onboarding process was the most challenging part because we had always done it in person before. But now we are used to working remotely. Our operation is even more efficient than before, and we can hire the best professionals worldwide to make the Internet a safer place!

#5 Number of Defended Websites

Finally, we decided to count the number of websites defended by us. Every BitNinja protected server and website learns from each attack and shares the learned information with the central server and all the other BitNinja enabled servers and websites. It means the shield gets stronger and stronger with every single attack. We can proudly announce that BitNinja protects more than 4.5 million sites in 80 countries

#4 IP Reputation Database

Our real-time IP reputation system uses the same crowdsourcing method as I mentioned before. In addition to the power of the global lists, you can also manage your user-level IP lists by adding single IPs, IP ranges, countries, and even ASNs to them. In 2020, our IP reputation database had historical information about more than 100 million IP addresses. And it is still growing!

#3 Two International Industry Awards Win

In the second half of the year, we started to participate in international awards. First, we were shortlisted for the Cyber Security Award in the Innovative Product of the Year category. We didn’t have to wait long for the first win, fortunately. The Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing announced BitNinja as winners in the Security section, and the BIG Awards for Business awarded us with the Small Business of the Year trophy. We are still waiting for the Cloud Awards results, where we were shortlisted in the Security Innovation of the Year category. It couldn’t happen without you, so thanks for your trust and support!

#2 Introducing the Source Code Structure Analysis

In June, we introduced a brand new, patent-pending detection technique that creates a special structure-based signature from the source code and then does the matching on the structure. It uses the same crowdsourcing method as our IP reputation system. You can add your own malware signature to the system and it will be broadcast not just to yours, but to all of the BitNinja servers around the world. We added more than 40 000 malware signatures to the database this year.

Aaaaand finally! Our NUMBER 1 achievement...

#1 Series A Funding

After last year’s €500,000 seed investment, in October, BitNinja raised $2.5 million in Series A funding, led by Lead Ventures. We would like to say thank you to our other investors, such as Oxo Technologies Holding and Oktogon Ventures. Our mission remains the same: To make the Internet a safer place. We will make further developments to improve our existing product and new products are just around the corner.

2020 was a really challenging year. There were many ups and downs, but we made the most of it, and in 2021, we will take one… No! TWO steps forward and make the Internet even safer! Thank you again for your trust and support!

Have a Hacker-free Day!

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