Scheduled Malware Scan

Scans are essential to maintain the health of your servers. You need to check your system for malware regularly.

The challenge is timing when we talk about scans. Servers need to be available 24/7, so you have to choose the most convenient time for your scan. Most of the time, early morning hours at the weekend are the best option for this.

But who wants to get up at 3 AM on Sunday and run a scan? I guess no one…

That's why we made it possible for you to schedule your scan. From now on, the exact time of the scan start can be set. We made these settings as close to CRON as possible.

You can set your scheduled malware scans on the Console. Choose the “Anti-Malware” tab and click on the “Scan Settings” section. Here you can select the exact time and the frequency of the malware scan for each server.

If you would like to learn more about this new feature visit our Documentation page, check out our Knowledge Base, or ✍️ Write to us directly.

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Let’s make the Internet a safer place together!

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