New function releases on dashboard

Development is like a perpetual motion here, at the BitNinja Center. In the last few weeks we were making some new functions for you.

Timezone settings for log analysis

You asked, we delivered. This time you can configure timezone settings from the dashboard, even individually, or for all your servers. It is much easier now, to analyze logs that appear according to your chosen timezone.

More transparent log panel

Refactoring of log screen is also done. We know, it was not an eyecandy, how it showed logs coming from the same server. But it’s water under the bridge, log panel is more transparent than ever.

Log detail hiding preferences

BitNinja collects logs about attack attempts. We send these logs by email to the sysadmins, being responsible for the attacker IPs to help them find the real cause of the attacks. Any bitninja user can see these logs at the IP history section. With the log detail hiding preferences you can set how much data are you willing to share with others. The more data you share the easier for others to find and stop attackers on their systems, but also means more chanche to abuse these data and to use for malicious purposes.
Settings and their effect:

Show log as is

All data will be displayed as they have been collected.

Moderated – default (

Rewrite domains and IPs moderatedly. –> –> 12.XX.XX.78


Hide all domain name and IP addresses. –> XXX.XXXXXXXX.XXX –> XX.XX.XX.XX

Paranoid (XXX.XXXXXXX.XXX) + hide POST

Hide all domain, IP and POST data. –> XXX.XXXXXXXX.XXX –> XX.XX.XX.XX
’id’ => 123
} converted to
POST {hidden }
Log datail hiding won’t take any effect on your own data. So no matter which option you choose, you will see your own log as they have been collected. This setting only takes effect on what other users can see about you data.

Analytics retrospective

Among your server details, you can manage 3 pages from this time. ’Summary’ contains all the important data of your box, az ’Logs’ you find all the log files, connected to the particular server. You can search for any string to find the logs you are looking for.
Analytics’ is the most interesting among them. Because now you can examine all the latest server analytics and log files, even in weekly periods.
Hope you enjoy the new dashboard! 😉

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