Knock, knock, the latest version update of year 2014 has arrived

Last – in this year – but not least, we brought you version 0.31 for BitNinja. This is because the holidays are not really holidays for hackers. We keep you being prepared all the time as you know. Here are some of the new features that you can find in BitNinja 0.31:
* UDP reject upon greylisted IP-s except port 53
* Cached host resolution on whitelists
* New filter for DoS detection for bitninja dns requests.
* Bugfix to prevent process kills on CloudLinux
* You can disable ipset lists using /etc/bitninja/IpFilter/config.ini
* Bugfixes about Debain6 ipset handling and statistical data sending
* You can put your customized Captcha pages at /etc/bitninja/CaptcahHttp/www
Sounds exciting, right?
Go ahead and install Bitninja if you haven’t done it yet or update for 0.31.
Automatic updates are scheduled for next week. So if you can’t wait to meet our newbies, just go ahead and update it manually.
Good to know!

If you have prepared any individual captcha sites, please make a backup of it and place the individual files in library /etc/bitninja/CaptcahHttp/www.
Keep updated, because 2015 will be the year of BitNinja, so get ready for some exciting sequels!
Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and a hacker-free new year!
The BitNinja Team

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