Introducing the NinjaHub

We believe that the best way for a company to improve is if they listen to their Customers’. We prefer community driven innovations because your experience and knowledge is our most important value. With this in mind we added something new to our dashboard. It is called NinjaHub. You can find it on your Dashboard under the Hub section. You can upload a Log Analyzer or a Firewall ruleand you are also able toshare your experience about them in a comment.

More Updates

Now You can enjoy the malware removal with half of the resource usage, we optimized this important feature so it can work even more seamlessly. The Malware Scanner functions have been put back to the Malware Detection. From now on it transmits the scan requests to the Detection, so it works even faster and the active, manual and scheduled scans can run together at the same time. We continued the reduction of the false positive rate by using global md5 and sa-md5 whitelist. We suggest you to use the following commands for testing: restore and dryrun. 

bitninjacli --module=MalwareDetection --scan= --dryrun

With the "restore" command you can restore files from quarantine and put the file automatically to whitelist. The "dryrun" collects in logonly mode the files which are matching with a malware signature. We added new patterns to the web application detector and fixed the full transparent proxy, so it works with CloudLinux without any problem.

We are always happy to help you, so feel free to contact us at or on the Dashboard chat if you have any questions or need assistance.

Stay safe and happy hacker-hunting!

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