Security analysis Suspect BitNinja behind the increased server load?

As you know, providing all-in-one server security, BitNinja protects 3000+ Linux web servers worldwide, capturing 100 million incidents a month and keeping 1.7 million suspicious IP addresses in its blocklists to protect you and your customers. Mixing that up with custom infrastructures, configurations, and software in each sometimes leads to a high load on the server. Despite […]

Trending Test your security knowledge

Start the New Year with this security quiz to test your knowledge and get a chance to receive the latest edition of ‘The Art of Server Protection’ e-book, or -- win our BitNinja Server Security for 1 month, absolutely free.  What a great way to start the New Year! Our ninjas created a short quiz […]

Security analysis Fun way to read a book

What do you think about SPAMs? Most of us think they are useless and heavily annoying, but not for everybody. There are some geeks, who totally understand the background and find it rubbish, but sometimes they read them to “entertain themselves” and learn more about the recent patterns hacker tactics. Have you ever found a hidden […]

Trending Web Application Firewalls: Choosing the Right WAF for Server Security

Web applications pose a significant security risk to servers, and having a web application firewall (WAF) in place is vital to keeping your servers and your business running smoothly. The average web server faces thousands of attacks on a daily basis. There are a number of web application firewalls available to protect your server, and having […]

Trending 2018 Cybersecurity Trends

The number of cybersecurity breaches experienced in 2017 were really high, hackers kept themselves busy – just think about the WannaCry ransomware infecting Windows PCs. Furthermore, 2018 is almost here, and the future definitely holds many changes for you, Linux server operators, in the field of cybersecurity. As security always comes first, now it’s time […]

Security analysis Cyberstorm from Argentina

Two days ago storm clouds of cyberwar has reached our server from Argentina. In this article, we will share you some details about the attack. 22nd November started as a usual day. Until the afternoon nothing strange happened, then at about 5 o’clock a heavier request flood reached our servers, which has been increased until […]

Security analysis Old botnets aren’t harmless - the presence of Cutwail botnet nowadays

Server operator faces many different types of attacks every day. Brute force, spam, CMS hacks and SQL injections are the most common - and the majority of them are automated botnet attacks. I think none of us can estimate how many servers and PCs are being unprotected against even the most simple botnets. But it’s not […]

Release notes Hot new feature - Goodbye CAPTCHA! Hello Browser Integrity Check!

How would you imagine a world where annoying CAPTCHAs are not the first line when it comes to identification of botnets and human visitors? Here at BitNinja we thought big and made it come true. Let us show you a security solution where the visitors with suspicious incidents in their past don't have to type anything, […]

Trending Useful facts in cybersecurity landscape

Today's post is a little eccentric. Thanks to the Crozdesk's  IT & Security we show you a really good infographic. You can check the past, the present and the future of the cybersecurity and the ITsecurity solutions. Which are the biggest fears? What are we expecting from a cybersecurity software? What kind of tools do you […]

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